Thursday, January 24, 2008

Shutterfly Picture Book

A few weeks ago Laura Vegas had this awesome book on her blog which she created for Christmas. I absolutely fell in love with it and have been pondering the idea of creating one for Olivia. The honest truth is that I know there is absolutely no way that I will ever go back and scrap her pictures from her 1st year, maybe even her 2nd! I have really really slacked on my scrapping and I just want to start fresh this year, and this seemed like an awsome book.

Than today during my "blog surfing" I checked out Ali Edwards Blog and here is her latest project in conjunction with Shutterfly.

How GREAT Is this????

I am going to take some time this weekend and really go through it and decide whether or not I will go with her book or if I will create something along the lines that Laura did.

All I can say is that I am super excited at the prospect of being able to start this year without feeling guilty and overwhelmed by all the pictures that I haven't scrapped or even placed in photo albums. I will blog sometime later on what I decide to do....yeck this would even make great gifts for the Grandma's on Mother's Day! God knows I will be quite busy at that time and cannot trust Ryan with buying gifts. LOL


laura vegas said...

ok ana, this had to be fate telling us to design this book! i literally JUST came from ali's blog where i just now saw this book ... and then i happened to click on your blog next and see you blogging about it and mentioning me (thank you by the way!)! we have to make this book! lol!

i'm so with you on being able to "let go" of all those older photos from over the past few years. that's why i've been thinking of making a few more shutterfly books ... just to have a home for all those photos i know i will never get around to scrapping! let me know if you do it!

T. said...

I made you for grandma for K's first three months to give her for her bday.. she cried!! lol.. i put little things that he has done since he was born on most of the pages.. along with pics that match the little setences.. and I thought to myself.. I think I will do one every year to keep as his photo books rather than printing and making albums all the time!