Monday, March 11, 2013

Shoe Addiction...

I need to make a confession... one of my addictions is definitely shoes.  There is just something about a new pair of shoes that can completely uplift your mood, plus with just the change of your shoes and accessories you can completely transform an outfit.

With Spring finally on the horizon, I have been looking through magazines and fashion blogs for ideas on what new additions I would like to make to my closet.  I have made a list of shoes that will most likely be added ... a few of my additions will be staple pieces and I will do a post on those at a later date.  However for this post I decided to do a Splurge Vs. Steal.

Enjoy & Happy Shopping!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring Polish

I am patiently awaiting for Spring to arrive.  The last few days have been cold and dark, with the sun barely making an appearance.  I decided to buy a few new polishes that will add a touch of Spring to my heavily layered winter outfits.

Here are a few of my favorites...

Currently I am wearing "mint candy apple" and I love it...

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back To School…


Wow, it feels unreal that we are only one week away from going back to school.  This summer flew by, and I am certainly not ready to send my little girl into 2nd grade and Tyler to pre-school. 

I am planning on making the last few days before school special and with plenty of activities both together as a family and also with each kid one on one.  Pinterest is certainly full of ideas and projects that we can incorporate and here are just a few things we will be doing.

1) Planning a special dinner the night before with tons of back to school decorations and even their very own personalized crown.


2)  We are making mini time capsules.  They will include a short questionnaire about their summer; their thoughts on going back to school and a few special items from their summer.  We will open these later on in the school year.

3) I will make personalized “Photo Boards” for their 1st day of school pictures.  Wish I had done these last year.

4) Lunch Notes:  I found quite a few sites that have free downloadable cards to include in their lunch boxes.  I have also started making a few personalized ones.



5) Our favorite activity:  Individual shopping trips,(yes, believe it or not even Tyler loves to shop) so that they can each pick out their 1st Day of school outfit. 

I will be taking plenty of photos and documenting their first few weeks of school.  My plans are to incorporate last year photos and this years into a “school” album for each of them and continue to add them thru the years.

And just because I thought this is pretty cool and I plan on using this app for most of their school work, so that we don’t once again end up with (2) bins of school items; (which I still have to sort). 

Check it out Here.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Why do I feel like Thanksgiving is sneaking up on me this year?

Thankfully, I am not hosting, and that may very well be why I am not really into it!  There are tons of home projects that I had planned in accomplishing, but they are definitely not happening this year.  As soon as Black Friday hits, the Christmas Season starts in our home and we begin decorating!

However there are a few things that I plan on doing the next week with the little ones.  I really love some of these ideas and they will both love it!

How adorable are these turkeys???

Definitely having them make these cards for the grandparents!  Super easy and so cute….

Will take them for a walk at the park and collect leaves, so that we can make these cute wreaths!

Pinned Image

And even though we should have started this on November 1st, I am still going to make a “thankful tree” and have them tell me something they are thankful and place it on our tree!

Pinned Image

I am going to make a cute little bag with coloring pages/crayons and a couple of other goodies to give all the little ones at Thanksgiving. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Decor

A quick little tour of some of our Halloween Decorations this year. 


Family Room


Notice how our witch is wearing a crown?  That is Olivia’s little touch to our Halloween Mantle. 


I love these green/bluish pumpkins and painted the words w/white craft paint; while Olivia painted the black dots. 

Halloween Hutch

Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween School Gifts

With October just around the corner and the fact that everywhere you go now there is tons of Halloween Candy, I have started my search for ideas on what to make the little ones for Halloween School gifts.

Every year I gather a list of things I like and that I can make, and than give the options to Olivia and let her choose what she would like to give her friends.  I am still thinking if I will have Tyler pick his favorite this year, or if I will just make the choice.  Than, again with him, I can take a past project and reuse it since its a whole new group of children.  What I do know, is that I will have to make around 50 goodie bags, so I will need to choose wisely!  

I made these last year and Olivia loved them…They are so sticking cute and easy to make.  A little time consuming though, but I managed to make them in a few nights while watching TV.



Here are a few of my picks for this year:


These cute pumpkins and stamped bags will be super easy to make!


NOW … these bags with Iron-on transfers are my favorite…BUT, again this is far from SIMPLE and QUICK. The sewing machine and I will need to get re-acquainted.

AND, I know what Ryan will say: “ Are you insane?  You have completely lost your mind!”  Really not what I want to hear!   

I do have a few other ideas that I am pondering, so its just a matter of getting myself organized and figuring out exactly how much time I will have to spend on these without letting the project take over my life!