Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back To School…


Wow, it feels unreal that we are only one week away from going back to school.  This summer flew by, and I am certainly not ready to send my little girl into 2nd grade and Tyler to pre-school. 

I am planning on making the last few days before school special and with plenty of activities both together as a family and also with each kid one on one.  Pinterest is certainly full of ideas and projects that we can incorporate and here are just a few things we will be doing.

1) Planning a special dinner the night before with tons of back to school decorations and even their very own personalized crown.


2)  We are making mini time capsules.  They will include a short questionnaire about their summer; their thoughts on going back to school and a few special items from their summer.  We will open these later on in the school year.

3) I will make personalized “Photo Boards” for their 1st day of school pictures.  Wish I had done these last year.

4) Lunch Notes:  I found quite a few sites that have free downloadable cards to include in their lunch boxes.  I have also started making a few personalized ones.



5) Our favorite activity:  Individual shopping trips,(yes, believe it or not even Tyler loves to shop) so that they can each pick out their 1st Day of school outfit. 

I will be taking plenty of photos and documenting their first few weeks of school.  My plans are to incorporate last year photos and this years into a “school” album for each of them and continue to add them thru the years.

And just because I thought this is pretty cool and I plan on using this app for most of their school work, so that we don’t once again end up with (2) bins of school items; (which I still have to sort). 

Check it out Here.

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