Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween School Gifts

With October just around the corner and the fact that everywhere you go now there is tons of Halloween Candy, I have started my search for ideas on what to make the little ones for Halloween School gifts.

Every year I gather a list of things I like and that I can make, and than give the options to Olivia and let her choose what she would like to give her friends.  I am still thinking if I will have Tyler pick his favorite this year, or if I will just make the choice.  Than, again with him, I can take a past project and reuse it since its a whole new group of children.  What I do know, is that I will have to make around 50 goodie bags, so I will need to choose wisely!  

I made these last year and Olivia loved them…They are so sticking cute and easy to make.  A little time consuming though, but I managed to make them in a few nights while watching TV.



Here are a few of my picks for this year:


These cute pumpkins and stamped bags will be super easy to make!


NOW … these bags with Iron-on transfers are my favorite…BUT, again this is far from SIMPLE and QUICK. The sewing machine and I will need to get re-acquainted.

AND, I know what Ryan will say: “ Are you insane?  You have completely lost your mind!”  Really not what I want to hear!   

I do have a few other ideas that I am pondering, so its just a matter of getting myself organized and figuring out exactly how much time I will have to spend on these without letting the project take over my life!

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